Tech and Beer
About Us

Tech and Beer is a network of like-minded individuals that are focused on connecting and collaborating in order to inspire the continued growth of our tech communities. Our monthly events and programs that span across multiple cities and countries hosts attendees that include: local tech startups, tech professionals, successful business owners, local leaders, students, innovators, and investors.

We focus on developing and nurturing connections at the community level in order to help drive a culture of collaboration and innovation to all levels of businesses, local government, educational institutions and non-profit organizations within our cities. Originally founded in Orlando, Florida, Tech and Beer has grown across multiple countries and we invite you to join the TAB movement.

For the community. Led by the community.

TAB is organized and led by passionate community leaders that are focused on creating a culture of innovation through collaboration. 

Our program and events are organized based on the feedback and needs our very own tech communities.

Creating awareness and highlighting talent.

We work hard at creating awareness for our local tech community through marketing and strategic partnerships. At TAB, we believe that our tech communities have a lot to offer and it is our mission to broadcast those capabilities.

Connecting innovators to leaders.

Whether it’s introducing local startups to Fortune 500 Executives or securing industry-leading speakers, TAB is committed to connecting our community to influential decision-makers who can help make an impact.

In order to grow we must now only learn from each other, we must learn from leaders who have successfully grown their respective industries. We strive to provide access to these great leaders.

More than a meetup. It’s a movement.

Founded in January of 2017, TAB has grown into Orlando’s #1 technology focused meetup. Our programs include monthly networking events, Power Lunches, hackathons and more.

TAB is open to the entire community and requires only one requirement, to be passionate about the growth of your tech community in the cities that you call home. We welcome you to join the TAB movement.

showcase your idea

At TAB we provide local startups with a platform to showcase their ideas and products. With an average of 250 monthly attendees, local startups get the ability to interact with local businesses, potential employees as well as investors.

This unique opportunity has helped local startups in many ways and if you are interested in participating we would love to hear about your company.

Our Partners

Our events are the talk of the tech community. Here’s a look back at some of our most memorable moments.

Are you passionate about technology?
TAB is more than just a Meetup. We invite you to join the movement.