Founded in January of 2017 by Pandera, a local data, and technology company with founding roots in Orlando, Florida. Pandera CEO Joshua Sutton had the vision to build a culture of collaboration and innovation that in return can help create awareness for growing tech communities across the country .

What once started as a small meetup has grown into a well-recognized platform for tech startups, professionals, businesses, and investors to connect and collaborate. With an average of 250 monthly attendees and a schedule of educational programs, hackathons, and conferences TAB has become a leading technology focused community.


We took a solutions approach to TAB. We identified a need and listened to the customer to fill that void. This meant focusing on the core of what drives a community, it’s people. This allowed us to build TAB side by side with the people that make up our amazing tech communities.

Our focus at TAB is to help facilitate the needs of our community and the informal leaders that are passionate about its growth. Through TAB our members are able to get access to and leverage the following:

  • Connect with local startups
  • Connect with mentors
  • Find future employees
  • Find future employers
  • Educational programs
  • Business development needs
  • Technology Advisory
  • Connect with potential investors
  • Validate your product
  • Find potential customers

CEO | Pandera
OTAB founder and strategic advisor for community development and partnerships.


Director of Marketing | Pandera
Leads the efforts in the strategy and development of the OTAB brand and community relationships.

Charlie Lewis

CEO | BlueWave
As an advisor for OTAB, Charlie assists in guiding key community and business relationships.

Andrea Espulgar
Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager | Pandera
Leads the planning and delivery of OTAB marketing and communications efforts.

Kevin McKernan

Business Development | Pandera
As Co-Organizer for OTAB Kevin helps deliver on planning and execution of all OTAB events.

Gordon Folkes

Founder | Archer
As Co-Organizer, Gordon assists with our planning and execution of OTAB events and programs.

Alfred Espidol

Founder | Launchable
As Co-Organizer, Alfred assists in program planning and brand development for OTAB.

Joe Fernandez
Community Partnerships

COO | Launchable
Assists in connecting and building key community partnerships with businesses in Orlando for OTAB.

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