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“OTAB has strategically positioned Studio 17 Television to achieve goals, reach a broader audience and nearly triple our content output. Providing ample office, studio space and the connections we needed to truly be our greatest selves.”

Walter Phuego

Founder, Studio17 TV

“Through OTAB we have made great connections that have been the catalyst to the growth of our business. Since OTAB has started we have worked closely with Josh Sutton the CEO of Pandera, an Orlando based company, in creating AR solutions that we believe can disrupt our industries. It has been through OTAB that we have been able to engage and grow with our community.”

Alfonso Morales

CTO, Launchable

“OTAB has done an outstanding job of facilitating opportunity for Archer First Response Systems here in the City Beautiful. Aside from the mentorship, guidance, and general care we’ve received from this organization, OTAB has demonstrated to us, a growing startup, that Orlando isn’t just a viable location for continued growth, it’s a thriving city with a strong heart beat and is ideal for rapid acceleration and technological advancement.”

Gordon Folkes

Founder, Archer

“Our team looks forward to Orlando Tech and Beer every month. This is a big team building event for Launchable. We get to meet outside the office and talk over some good food and drinks without any work stress. It’s a time we get to come hang out with other tech companies and meet the tech talent of Orlando. Because of Orlando Tech and Beer Event we have improved our networking skills, as we have made new connections, clients and great exposure opportunities. This has definitely been a pivotal part of our success.”

Alfred Espidol

CEO, Launchable


post2 “Fantastic event. Some of the best networking I’ve been a part of in a very long time. If you’re on the fence, you’re missing out. Great meeting so many people!” – Ricky

post2 “Excellent event, and lots of great people! I’m looking forward to next month!”
– Allan Dillon

post2 “This was the first event I attended and I must say I left feeling excited! Great opportunity presented, cool location! Thanks!” – Chas Barber

post2 “I just wanted to say I’m really looking forward to the event tonight. We need more diversity in the tech industry, not to check boxes, but so technology can work for everyone. Thanks for shining a spotlight on some of the women who are doing it big here in Orlando!” – Jared Porcenaluk

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