Founded in January 2017, TAB was launched as a platform to connect the multiple layers that exist within a tech community. We strongly believe that in order to achieve substantial and sustainable growth you must empower and support the people within your tech communities.

Everything we do from our community events, educational programs, hackathons, and partnered events is driven by a clear purpose:  to help make the right connections, promote collaboration, and inspire communities to be innovative and to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

TAB is owned and organized by Pandera, our goal is to spark conversation and accelerate innovation within our tech communities.


We believe in connecting people through the simplest form of communication, a conversation.


We believe that the fastest way to grow is together. We promote and facilitate collaboration.


We believe in inspiring our tech communities and to expand their belief on what’s possible.

Our Team
Joshua Sutton
TAB Founder
Tommy Bliven
TAB Co-Founder
Andrea Espulgar
Marketing Manager
Kevin McKernan
Strategic Partnerships
Joel Glenny
Santa Monica Director
Charlie Lewis
Community Leader
Gordon Folkes
Community Leader
Alfred Espidol
Community Leader
Mai Nguyen
Orlando Chapter
David Barrero
Orlando Chapter
Joseph Straub
Orlando Chapter
Joe Fernandez
Orlando Chapter
Kevin Curley
Tampa Director
Julius Berith
Tampa Chapter
Geoff Probst
North Carolina Director
Clive Perry-Gore
Boston Director
Chad Aron
Atlanta Director
Jon Corley
Kansas City Director
Nathan Kurtz 
Kansas City Chapter
Jason Cook
Kansas City Chapter
Barry Rein
Arlington Director
Dan Moore
Orlando Chapter
Jerrold Primus
Orlando Chapter